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Very much a respected industry name, we boast decades of experience in property development.

Founded in 2007 by Angus McQueen and Chris Wilkins, Wilmac brings decades of experience in property development. We provide end-to-end property development expertise and solutions incorporating specialist development management, project management and funds management services to our projects and clients.

We’re commercially minded, but honesty and authenticity underpins everything we do. Our founders, and our broader development team focus on more than just building places and business communities — we focus on building trust. Trust that can only be earned by delivering quality projects over many years, with more in the pipeline.

Our proven reputation is clearly demonstrated — in projects completed on schedule and promises delivered. While our track record speaks for itself, we take pride in our relationships — whether it’s with local councils, landholders, buyers, investors, agents, architects or other consultants. Together, we’re in the business of making things happen.

Wilmac is all about real people, and it’s a team we’re proud of. We have a culture of inclusiveness that works to keep staff engaged and motivated. We share our collective knowledge, while celebrating each unique talent. Through coaching and mentoring, we further invest in our team’s personal development. This empowers our people to do their best work — work that maximises project outcomes for all involved.

Work with Wilmac

Commercial Architects
Industrial Architects
Landscape Designers
Interior Designers
Construction Partners
Funding Partners
Sustainability Experts

As we are fully independent, we have full discretion on who we partner with to deliver our projects – whether it be architects, landscape designers or even institutional funding partners. Every development we undertake is unique, so we carefully curate a team depending on the level of experience or expertise they can offer. Only those who meet our high standards are selected to be included.